A little background...
I'm a San Francisco Bay Area native, and have always loved all things creative. After years of working in the corporate world, I made the decision to follow my passion and began my new life as a professional photographer. I've been extremely fortunate to be mentored by some of the best in the business, and I'm constantly working to hone my craft. It's been 16 years, and I can still say becoming a professional photographer was the best decision I ever made!

What I love to photograph...
For me, there is nothing more fulfilling than capturing real, natural, unposed moments that tell the story of you and your family. I am more than just your photographer. I am the recorder of your family's history. I feel an immense responsibility to capture images that are both of the highest quality, and artistically beautiful. Images that bring back treasured memories. Images that stir your emotions. Works of art that you'll be truly proud to display in your home. After all, these pictures will be in your family for generations to come.

A special connection... Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
I grew up attending synagogue in Saratoga, CA, went to religious school, spent summers at Camp Arazim, participated in Jewish youth groups, had a Bat Mitzvah, and planned my daughter's Bat Mitzvah, so photographing Bar & Bat Mitzvahs holds a very special place in my heart. Being intimately familiar with the service and other rituals of the day, I know which key moments to focus on. But more than anything, I love capturing those unscripted candid moments that inevitably occur at every Mitzvah. (Crying dads get me every time!) There's just something very special about this once-in-a-lifetime experience in a young person's life. I feel honored to be part of each and every one I photograph.

Being inspired... High School Seniors
When I'm inspired, it shows in my work, and creating Custom High School Senior Portraits provides me with endless inspiration! I'm truly amazed by how much some of these kids have accomplished in their young lives. Showing who they really are at this age using outfit changes and multiple locations is so much fun (and way better than the traditional studio fake drape!).

Inspiring others... Teaching/Travel Photography
Since 2015, I've been teaching photography workshops throughout the U.S. and internationally with Great Escape Publishing. From Namibia, Africa to the lavender fields of Provence, France, every trip is a unique experience. I can't think of anything better than combining my passion for travel and photography while inspiring others to explore their own creativity.

Random facts about me...
I'm "petite" (ok, I'm short)... Climbing on chairs, stages, ladders, or anything else that gives me height at events is not unusual.
I like to exercise... most of the time.
I have a weakness for chocolate chip cookie dough... and so I exercise.
I own 2 cats (used to have 3 and NO, I am not the "cat lady"). Used to volunteer at the SPCA... used to.
I have a college-aged daughter (who plays ice hockey)... and so I'm a "semi-empty-nester".
I like current music including Hip-Hop... my daughter (and Mitzvah kids) thinks this makes me cool... sometimes.
I LOVE to have the latest and greatest... cameras, lenses, computers, and of course iPhones.
I cry when I photograph crying moms and dads at events. I cry when I look through my clients' images for the first time... I guess that makes me a crier. But also gives me the gift of creating pictures that reflect what I'm feeling at any given moment while photographing you and your family!