Amanda and Bobby - One HOT Wedding... Literally!

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Amanda and Bobby | Wedding
Date | 8.16.15
Location | Coyote Ranch, San Jose, CA


What do you do on the hottest day of the year???

Have an outdoor wedding of course! At least that's what Amanda and Bobby did, and I got to capture their entire story in pictures.

No one ever plans to get married on the hottest day of the year, especially if your wedding is outdoors. But Mother Nature was in control and decided to bring on the heat big time! The day topped out at 106° to be exact.

Amanda and Bobby are used to spending a LOT of time in ice rinks as they're both hockey coaches, so this was going to be interesting. All I kept thinking as I was driving to San Jose was, how am I going to keep everyone as cool as possible and still get all the beautiful portraits I had pictured in my head?


Getting Ready

My day started with Amanda and the girls getting ready at a nearby hotel - air conditioned thank goodness. I walked into their room, turned to my right, saw Amanda (or so I thought) getting hair and makeup done, turned to my left, and saw Amanda's double! I must have looked totally dumbfounded as everyone started laughing. No one told me Amanda had a twin, Marie, who was actually the one in hair and makeup! Guess the joke was on me :)


The Details... nothing like a little blue box from Tiffany & Co.

The-Little-Blue-Box-from-TiffanysThe-Little-Blue-Box-from-TiffanysDetail wedding ring shot with the famous little blue box from Tiffany & Co. What girl wouldn't love that!

Custom-White-Bridal-GownCustom-White-Bridal-GownDetail picture of a custom made white bridal gown hanging on custom made hangar against a black background.



A Special Moment - Amanda's sister and mom helping her put on the wedding dress she MADE for her daughter! So beautiful!!!

Mom-Helping-the-Bride-Get-ReadyMom-Helping-the-Bride-Get-ReadyBlack and white picture of a bride getting ready, putting on her wedding dress with the help of her mother and twin sister. Her mother made her dress. Photographed in natural window light.

Mother-of-the-Bride-and-her-DaughterMother-of-the-Bride-and-her-DaughterA mother of the bride looks lovingly at her beautiful daughter who is about to get married wearing the wedding dress her mother custom made for her.

Bridal-Portrait-Natural-Window-LightBridal-Portrait-Natural-Window-LightClose up black and white portrait of a bride looking down at her bouquet of flowers in natural window light. Shot from a high vantage point looking down on the bride and focusing on her eyelashes.


Then it was the boys's turn in the hotel next door. Both hotel rooms were very small, so I had to get creative. The boys' room had a great mirror on the wall which I thought would be fun to play with. I'm a bit vertically challenged and these boys were TALL, so I had to improvise. They all had a good laugh at me balancing on the bed to get this shot.

Groom-Before-the-Ceremony-ReflectionsGroom-Before-the-Ceremony-ReflectionsBlack and white wedding portrait of a groom anticipating the moment when he sees his bride for the first time. His groomsmen's reflections in the mirror behind him, looking proudly at their guy.

Bobby and his dad...

Loved the guys looking so cool.

Groom-and-his-Groomsmen-Getting-ReadyGroom-and-his-Groomsmen-Getting-ReadyBlack and white portrait of a groom and his groomsmen getting ready in their hotel room before the ceremony. They're looking very cool sitting on the sofa in their wedding attire, just chilling out before the wedding begins.


The First Look

Amanda and Bobby agreed to a very private "first look" before the actual ceremony. I had them each wait inside air-conditioned rooms until the big moment, and then it happened...

Grooms-First-Look-at-his-BrideGrooms-First-Look-at-his-BrideA groom sees his beautiful bride for the first time in a private moment before the wedding ceremony. Photographed at Coyote Ranch Park in South San Jose.

Grooms-Kiss-after-First-Look-at-his-BrideGrooms-Kiss-after-First-Look-at-his-BrideA groom is overcome with emotion on his wedding day as he sees his bride for the first time before the ceremony. He tenderly kisses her on the forehead. Sepia photo captured at Coyote Ranch Park in South San Jose, CA.



It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's...

Every event has a funny backstory, and Amanda and Bobby's was no different. After the First Look, we started our wedding party pictures. Suddenly, Bobby's face turned from very very happy to very very angry. Everyone looked to see what was wrong. We quickly realized that a bird decided to relieve itself smack dab on Bobby's dress shoe! (And this bird was either really big, or had some tummy troubles that day.) The girls thought this was the funniest thing they had ever seen, but then cautiously looked up to make sure they were not the next target. The flower girl was obviously not amused. The boys helped Bobby clean up, and he was soon back to his happy place.


The Ceremony

So many great moments during the ceremony, I could hardly contain myself!

Dad giving away the bride...

Giving-Her-Hand-in-MarriageGiving-Her-Hand-in-MarriageA father sweetly gives his daughter's hand in marriage to his future son-in-law during this tender moment in their wedding ceremony. Photographed at Coyote Ranch Park in South San Jose, CA by Cheryl Bigman Photography.

Exchanging rings...


Party Time!

Representing the hockey contingent, Bobby's San Jose Jr. Sharks Girls team came to support.

The reception venue had these very cool rustic chic framed mirrors lining the walls which made for some unexpected reflection shots.

Reflections-of-a-BrideReflections-of-a-BrideA bridal portrait of a bride reflected in a decorative mirror at her wedding ceremony. Photograph taken under the decorative lights and rustic chic decor of Coyote Ranch Park in South San Jose, CA.

And then there was Ellery - flower girl - spinning dancer extraordinairre!

Last Dance...

Wedding-Couples-First-DanceWedding-Couples-First-DanceClose-up black and white photograph of a bride and groom's first dance as they look into each other's eyes. Photographed under the decorative lights during the wedding reception at Coyote Ranch Park in South San Jose.


Not even the scorching heat could dampen the spirits of this wonderful couple. Thank you Amanda and Bobby for choosing me to capture your love for each other on your wedding day. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!




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